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DOOR MODEL1130 Single Leaf, Premium Duty, Individual Dog

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Door Model 1130FREEMAN MARINE 1130 Premium Duty panel doors feature a knife-edge seal, robust gasket and floating hinges to provide a premium watertight seal when properly adjusted and dogged closed.**  Thick panel skins, extra internal reinforcements, no exposed seams and all welded construction create a seamless, premium, individually dogged door.  When specified with optional yacht-quality paint to your color specifications, the 1130 Series welded construction results in a smooth, seamless appearance that provides long lasting beauty.  Premium panel doors offer welded-in windows and can accommodate special glazing.  Premium Panel doors are suitable for:

** Degree of watertightness depends on number of dogs, proper installation and sealing adjustment.  Watertight doors are individually defined, specified and fabricated for each application.


Other hinged door panel styles include: Single Leaf(1110, 1120), Dutch(1500), French(1600) and Quick-Acting - Premium(1400) and Euro(1432).



  • Custom Sizing, width and height

  • .160"~.250" Thick Aluminum
    Panel Skins

  • Welded Frame and Skin Construction

  • Gasket on Door Panel for Long Life and Positive Sealing

  • Knife-edge Sealing Method

  • Radius Corners

  • Bolt-in, Weld-in or Clamp-in Frames

  • Additional Internal Stiffeners

  • Lineal Sanded Finish
    Yacht-quality painted finish (avail)

  • Stainless Steel Dog Shafts

  • Cast Aluminum Handles,
    powder coat (opt avail)

  • Glass Filled Striker Wedges

  • Solid Insulation (opt materials avail)

  • Surface and Concealed Hinges (avail)

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

  • Welded In Window,
    glazing and tint (opt avail)

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Door Model 1130, Custom Access Panel
Door Model 1130 with Pantograph Hinge

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