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Model 1434 - Aluminum Panel, Concealed Dogs, Rod-Drive
Model 1460 - Steel Panel, Surface Dogs, Rod-Drive
Model 1464 - Steel Panel, Concealed Dogs, Rod-Drive
100 Series - Aluminum or Steel Panel, Q-A Bar Dogging
Model 6404 - 'Special Order'

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Custom Watertight Bulkhead Door FREEMAN MARINE offers a full selection of bulkhead door specifications assuring you can configure a door meeting your exact requirements whether the need is for a commercial vessel, patrol craft or megayacht . These heavy-duty, pressure rated doors are designed for continuous service and oceangoing duty.

FREEMAN MARINE'S bulkhead doors can be supplied with as few as 2 manual dogs for weathertight locations or up to 16 Quick-Acting (Q-A) dogs. Where required, gear reduction dogging-assist can be specified.

Depending on dimensions, panel material of construction, gauge of metal, stiffening and number of dogs, doors can be fabricated for hydrostatic pressure head up to 27' (11.5psi, 79kpa).

Fabricated doors are normally sold by the clear-opening sizes. However, they can also be ordered by the overall flange-to-flange sizes, or to fill an existing opening. If an old door is being replaced, advise us of the bulkhead opening, measured after the old door AND frame are removed, and we will provide a door to fill that opening.

Bulkhead doors can be installed by welding or bolting the flanged frame to the bulkhead. Half of the flanged frame width normally extends into the bulkhead opening, allowing room for frame wedges and dog operation).

Bulkhead doors are available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel or a combination of these metals.


  • Custom Sizing, Width and Height

  • Individual or Quick-Acting Dogging

  • 2-16 Dogs, Depending on Location / Pressure Requirement

  • Radius or Mitered Corners

  • Lever and Wheel Q-A Dogging Options Available

  • View Ports and Deadcovers Available

  • Hydrostatic Testing for Classification Acceptance Available

  • Commercial-Grade and Yacht-Featured Models Available



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Custom Watertight Bulkhead Door
Custom Watertight Bulkhead Door

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