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3000 Series Hatches

3130 Series

Freeman Marine 3100 Series Individually Dogged Fabricated Cockpit Hatches.

Premium Duty, Single Leaf,
Individual Dogs

3150 Series

Freeman Marine 3150 Series Lens Panel with Individual Dogs

Premium Duty Lens,
Individual Dogs

3430 Series

Freeman Marine 3430 and 3440 Series Premium or Basic Hatch Panels with Quick Acting Dogs.

Premium Duty, Quick Acting,
Single Leaf

3450 Series

Freeman Marine 3450 Series Lens Panel Hatches, Quick Acting with Single Handle Dogging.

Premium Duty Lens,
Quick Acting

The 3000 SERIES includes Freeman's patented quick acting multiple dog mechanism, individually dogged, split or lens styles.  Freeman provides a variety of dog, hinge, and lock options.  Hatch dogs and internal handles are available in highly polished aluminum finish, or painted to customer specifications.  Dogs may be specified with stainless steel cam followers to minimize operating friction.

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