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FREEMAN MARINE SERIES 3100 Individually Dogged, Fabricated Cockpit Hatches offer a wide range of options to meet customer specifications. Custom shapes and sizes may be ordered with flush or proud coamings. Freeman Marine routinely manufactures cambered hatches to match an existing deck profile. Hatches can be specified with hinges, panels and coamings aligned for teak overlay by yard.

  • Custom Shaped and Sized to Client Specifications

  • Panel Style Options Available: Premium (3130), Commercial-Technical Space (3140) and Lens (3150) Versions

  • Individually Dogged Operation

  • Dogs Feature Cam Following Rollers for Smooth Operation and Maximum Applied Pressure

  • Knife-edged Sealing Surface and Wide Silicone Gasket for High Compression, Tight Seal

  • External Bi-Square Opening Available

  • Deep Gutter and Raised (proud) Coamings

  • Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel Coaming Options

  • Flush Surface Hinges Can Accommodate up to 3/4" (19mm) of Teak and Feature Removable Cover Plates for Deck Maintenance

  • Concealed Yoke Hinges Provide Uncluttered Deck Appearance

  • Gas-Assist Struts for Easy Lift and Closure

  • Camber Can Be Matched To Deck Profile

  • Teak Overlay Prep Available

  • Yoke Hinges Feature "Pop-Up" for Teak Clearance

  • Outside, Dogging D-handle Option

  • Gutter Drains Located per Client Specifications

  • Yacht and Commercial Grade Paint Finishes Available

  • Surveyed and Accepted by All Leading Classification Societies

Freeman Marine Model 3100 Hatches
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FREEMAN'S 3150 Lens Hatch with individual dogs
is the strongest design in the world!


Freeman Marine Series 3100 Hatch
3100 Series Cockpit Hatch with a single dog
and one shock.

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