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Single Leaf, Premium Duty, Individual Dog

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Freeman Marine Hatch Model 3130FREEMAN MARINE custom fabricated Premium Duty hatches offer a wide range of options to meet virtually any specification. Rugged construction featuring thick panel skins (.160” up to .250”), internal reinforcements and smooth welded skins to assure the reliable service and refined appearance expected in FREEMAN fabricated individually dogged hatches. Premium Duty hatches are specified where frequent open position viewing and guest usage occurs.

Hatches may be ordered with flush or proud - raised coamings. Camber and sheer requirements to match deck profiles are routinely crafted. Hatches can be specified with either surface or concealed hinges. Panels and coamings can be specified with custom alignment for teak overlaying by installation yard or builder.

Freeman Marine premium hatches

Shown in open position, watertight hatch
with surface hinges and gas spring
provides convenient below deck access.

  • Custom Shaped and Sized to Client Specification

  • Camber and Sheer to match decks (avail)

  • .160" ~ .250" Thick Aluminum Panel Skins

  • Welded Frame and Skin Construction

  • Knife-edge Sealing Method

  • Wide Gasket for Aggressive, Tight Sealing
  • Flush with Deck or Raised Coamings

  • Bolt-in and Weld-in Coamings

  • Cast, Precision Machined Handles, wide selection of styles and finishes

  • Surface or Concealed Hinges

  • Gas Spring Assist for Easy Lift and Closure

  • Custom Drain Locations

  • Teak Overlay Prep (avail)

  • Internal Panel Stiffeners

  • Yacht-quality Painted Finish

  • External Bi-square Opening (avail)

  • Stainless Steel Shafts and Fasteners

  • Cast Dogs with Roller Bearing Cam Followers

  • Glass Filled Striker Wedges

Freeman Marine Model 3130 custom deck hatch

This 3130 custom deck hatch is prepped
with raised surface hinges and bi-square
for builder installed teak overlay.

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Two Dog Storage Hatch - Open
Model 3130 Engine Storage Hatch

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