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All vessels require different degrees of protection from the elements.  FREEMAN MARINE provides a window style to fulfill most requirements. 

Windows are available in 8 basic shapes (see Shape Guide) as well as custom contours.

FREEMAN MARINE can also fabricate large single radius windows for older vessel restorations or for creating "new" classics. All dimensions and angles are available so whether you are ordering for new construction or replacing older worn out windows, FREEMAN MARINE can fulfill virtually any requirement.

This line of standard duty, aluminum framed windows are typically installed in harbor and river tugs, pilot vessels, patrol craft, workboats, pleasure craft and fishing boats up to 50'.

Freeman Custom - MEDIUM DUTY (WELD-IN)
This window was designed and intended for use on larger aluminum vessels. They are currently in use on commercial craft and luxury yachts.

Freeman Custom - MEDIUM DUTY (BOLT-ON)
Designed specifically for blue-water applications, these windows are available in a variety of styles and are currently installed on larger commercial and military vessels.

Freeman Custom - MEDIUM DUTY (CLAMP-IN)
Clamp-in windows provide the tough commercial and military performance expected from Freeman windows combined with the cost effectiveness available with a clamp-style installation method.

Available in a choice of steel weld-in or aluminum bolt-on, these windows are used on larger ocean-going vessels.


FREEMAN MARINE fixed windows are watertight units for all types of vessels, including pilothouses of commercial and military vessels. Available as standard, medium, or heavy-duty, they can be ordered in clamp grip, weld-in or bolt-on configurations, in aluminum, steel or stainless in any of our basic shapes as well as to custom specifications.


FREEMAN MARINE hinged windows can be ordered as side, top or bottom hinged. All hinged units are available with quadrants. Uses include deckhouses and staterooms, and other areas requiring a watertight opening window.  Vent windows are intended for use in bridges or deckhouses, and are watertight. Quadrants allow opening of windows for ventilation. Windows may be ordered as inward or outward hinged.


FREEMAN MARINE horizontal sliding windows are in service worldwide, used commonly on tour vessels and inland  ferries.  Available from FREEMAN MARINE in either standard or heavy-duty, horizontal sliding windows allow full visibility with quick-opening convenience. Standard Duty horizontal sliders are clamp grip type windows. Heavy-Duty (weld-in or bolt-on) models are available also. Many variations are available with options such as, size, shape, corner treatments, etc. Accepting either single or insulated glazing, they are available with either 2 or 3 panels, with optional insect screens and finish rings.


Freeman Marine windows are offered in four styles & three types



Freeman Marine Standard Duty Coastal Motion windows provide dependable yet economical service

Installed Custom Build series Freeman Windows on a vessel with full rollover capabilities

Freeman Marine Standard Duty
Windows provide dependable yet economical service for expedition style trawlers.

Installed on a vessel with full rollover
capabilities, these FREEMAN
Series Windows
provide passengers a substantial view.



Freeman Marine Custom Build Heavy Duty Windows

Available from Freeman Marine in either standard or heavy-duty, vertical sliding windows allow full visibility with quick-opening convenience. Many variations are available with options for glazing type and thickness, shape, corner treatments, screens, etc. Standard Duty vertical sliders are clamp grip type windows available only in half-drop or half-raise configurations. Heavy-Duty (weld-in or bolt-on) models are available in half-drop, half-raise or full drop styles. Heavy-Duty windows are counterbalanced with stainless steel springs, and a waist rail clamp locks the window in the desired position, available weathertight or watertight. Half-drop or half-raise units are also available in some frame types.


For initial estimating on existing window installations it is not necessary to have exact (precise) opening size. Exact cutout measurements and shape templates will be required when order is placed.

To provide a quotation, we will need to have measurements of the cutout openings you are trying to fill. For electronic drawings, we prefer .dwg, .dxf, .iges, .sat, .step and .x_t file formats. For existing installations, photographs, either electronic or snapshots, and hand drawn location sketches are OK.